Objectives of the Conference

  1. Bring to the same platform the works of individual scientists/researchers, National institutions, Regional actors, ROPME and the international partners/players in the Region, to collate all available information, views and analyses on the ROPME Sea Area to obtain collective knowledge on the Region

  2. Encourage scientists of Member States to pursue a new direction in dealing with Regional pollution and environmental challenges

  3. Synthesize the collective knowledge on the ROPME Sea Area and obtain an inter-sectoral understanding on how to face the environmental challenges and emerging issues, particularly on those of transboundary nature

  4. Set priorities for collective future actions for the sustainable development of the ROPME Sea Area by applying the combined knowledge and efforts

  5. Promote environmental partnership for the judicious exploration and sustainable exploitation of resources in the ROPME Sea Area

  6. Seek exchange of information and transfer of knowledge from the successful cases and experiences of other Regional Seas Programmes in the area of addressing environmental challenges and emerging issues

  7. Adopt a set of policy priority programmes of action for environmentally sound and sustainable development of the Region