What is the AIM?

It is well known that the ROPME Sea Area is in the cross-roads of environmental transition due to natural and man-made factors. It is an area of high stakes for humanity, with immense resources of strategic importance. ROPME holds the collective trust of its Member States to protect this environment from pollution, abuse, degradation and damage. In discharging these historic duties, it is felt essential that scientific, technical, policy making and strategical experiences of the world on the Region are exchanged and reflections on future are made. With this background, the International Conference will be a forum for exchange of scientific results, development strategies, master plans and judicious management of the ROPME Sea Area.

On an assessment of the progress achieved over several decades through the diverse programmes carried out by a wide variety of players, the Conference is expected to reflect on emerging challenges and develop a future course of action. Hence, the Conference is expected to be a unique opportunity to prepare for the future and define our collective and perspective actions.