Regional Organization for the Protection
of the Marine Environment

ROPME Technical Reports

Blue Carbon (2021)

1 Blue Carbon Inventory for the ROPME Sea Area Report

   Download PDF File in: English

2 ROPME Policy Brief - Blue Carbon in the ROPME Sea Area

   Download PDF File in: English

Marine Climate Change in the RSA (2021)

1 ROPME Marine Climate Change Impacts Evidence Report

   Download PDF File:    English

2 ROPME Policy Brief - Marine Climate Change Impacts in the ROPME Sea Area

   Download PDF File:    English   |   Arabic   |   Farsi

3 ROPME Marine Climate Change Risk  Assessment Report

   Download PDF File:    English

        Coral Reefs in the RSA (2020)


        Mussel Watch (2014)

2021 Environment Day Poster

The Headquarters of ROPME has moved to a new location in Sulabikhat since 7 October 2018. New telephone numbers: 22093939 22090021 24864226

ROPME-JICA Workshop on Coastal Habitat Conservation & Rehab in RSA | 16-17 Sep 2019

Meeting of the Regional Task Force on Eutrophication and HABs, 16-18 Jan. 2018, Muscat, Oman

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